A pentagonal sluice search led to egregious catenations and lipless spitball.

Hummm I (as dord) did say that, and had long since forgotten. Oh there may have been residual connections somewhere, but this was the first that swung back onto my line of site.
Suppose this won't be accessed for who knows how long, but I did find it amusing that the reference even existed, so here it is.
There seem to be over 40 hits on lipless spitball now, and growing I suppose.
Can't help wonder how many people noted my post contained (at the time ... February 17, 2002) three googlewhack, or so I thought ... one of which remains relatively low on links to this day, and even more to my surpise, no longer seems to be a valid word on google. Oh, so I added as ess, whats a guy to do?

Ah well life online ... So it goes.